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WMU. Traveler. Adventurer. Whovian. Ravenclaw. Dinosaur. Francophile.BMB piccolo. I spend a lot of my time fangirling over FOB/PANIC

Audrey Hepburn is all I aspire to be. This is a reflection of whatever's floating around in my head


Are you [Andy] more of a spoon guy?


Yo tumblr.

Okay more details~

This is what I kind of have in mind, soo message me if you want in!

SO obviously I’ve been on tumblr for an eternity and you’re all obviously awesome. So I got back from a 5 month study abroad in France and even before that I’ve wanted to have a “real” blog again and I just have so many ideas floating around and I’d like to make it something bigger than just me. I’ve had so many half-baked ideas I want to do this for reals.
The premise is exploration/adventure/inspiration/positivity. Whatever speaks to you!
Think: rookiemag, nylon, hellogiggles but better. Just look through my tumblr archive really.
Categories of posts: Music (upcoming artists yes I already call writing about Ryan Ross, playlists), art (museums, street art, murals, projects), diy/fashion/beauty, travel & exploration (obvs there will be a lot of France stuff on here), food/drinks (wine, beer, healthy food, greasy food), vintage/retro/nostalgia, books/quotes, people who inspire you/humans in general, movies.
Mostly my area will be travel and stuff but whatever pops up in your brain works!
What do you guys want? What can you contribute?
Ahh what blogging platform? I’m not sure if I wanna stick with tumblr forever sooo blogspot or wordpress or something else? (If this goes well I can get a domain eventually).
And with that a really classy, simple theme

My ask is open~ and you can always just fb message me or on twitter!

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Yo tumblr.

So I want to have like an actual (wordpress/blogspot) blog going on and I maaay need contributors since I’m lazy and sometimes I need a push. But it’d have to do with: writing, history, clothes/makeup/fashion, music, traveling, art, music. a long the lines of nylon and rookie but more…words.

YAY awesome in a little over a month: having an awesome job and stuff in the fall & working good hours, having an apartment, being back in Kzoo (basically freedom..again)

Having to pay rent and health insurance and utilities and my phone bill and a new phone and textbooks and groceries….sooo I guess I’ll be even more broke okay….


Hotel Chevalier a short film by Wes Anderson


and from left to right we have Brent Wilson (umbrellaist), Ryan Ross (scissorist), Brendon Urie (cellist), and Spencer Smith (bowlingballist)image

Parents get Harry Potter trivia very, very wrong (x)


Andrew John Hurley drop the beat!
(photo by Jack Edinger) 


Andrew John Hurley drop the beat!

(photo by Jack Edinger)